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Conjuring Autobiographic Magic

The anthology is ready to take its next leap forward! The collection of stories has eight amazing authors, each of whom have contributed their 20-minute exercise version and a carefully edited version. The next step is framing these short stories within the writer's Quill and Pint experience. This is as much an exploration of writing techniques and methods as it is the narratives we've created. Consider it a "Behind the Scenes" of the Q&P weekly exercises. The anthology is going to work like this: The first chapter is an overview, a welcome to readers of the Quill and Pint writing group. We'll start with an introduction, a little of where we've come from (as a group), and what our writing an

Writing a Christmas Calamity

Building an incident… One of the great Christmas movies is the original Die Hard. With Bruce Willis as New York cop John McClane, our protagonist takes his holiday vacation to visit family on the Left Coast. Things get complicated as terrorist mastermind/exceptional thief Hans Gruber plays Grinch to the Nakatomi corporation. Step outside the screenplay format for a second and consider that this now-timeless flick was based on Roderick Thorp's 1979 novel Nothing Lasts Forever. Thank you, wikipedia, as we use that cross-genre infobit to jump into adapting a crisis into a seasonal exercise scene. By adding a little texture to the context, a holiday perhaps, we give the narrative places to go an

Your Creative Vote

Margin Notes is a creative aside from the Quill and Pint group. Writing-related thoughts, editorials and observations are fair game as we explore the context around the narrative. How much is your opinion worth? As it turns out, about $15: the price of a movie ticket (or a hard-cover book). Whether you're a story-teller, a fan, or just looking for a distraction, your opinion matters. Why? Because you back up your opinion with where you invest your time and money… and your vote counts. Take "Solo: A Star Wars Story." I did a little informal poll on it a few weeks ago, but the interesting part was the water cooler discussion that bubbled up offline. It turns out that "Solo" is one of the most

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