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Whatever stage a story is in, from the germ of an idea to mid-Work In Progress, to a finished manuscript collecting electronic dust on your hard drive, a writer needs to be able to pitch the idea. It doesn't matter if the pitch is to an agent, an editor, a friend or even that best-selling author who looks back from the mirror: how does one convey a novel's worth of story in a sentence? It's hard enough conjuring a story out of Aladdin's Lamp, but getting it back in? It gets harder when you realize there are different audiences for that bite-sized epic: are you selling the idea to an agent or explaining the concept to your friend? Further, how do you diagram that narrative if they need to kno

Plotting the plot (or, How to Write a Logline)

Last weekend we began the first of four exercises designed to help you think about National Novel Writing Month. Or, as we have come to know it, the Beautiful Month of November That Holds Such Promise and Ends in Tears and the Ashes of Fifty Thousand Burned Words Ripped from Our Gullets. You know, NaNoWriMo. While we've designed a program of sorts for this purpose, we have also designed it NOT FOR THIS PURPOSE. Yep, turns out you can use these exercises any time for any longish-form writing (it will work on short stories too, though short stories have a lot less time for layering plot and wide arcs full of subtext). We borrowed from this post here which is a little more screenplay-focused. L

Featured Stories, Week of Sept. 29, 2018: "Hallowed Ground" and "The Door"

Each week we feature a story written by one or two of our group members at our weekly meetings. For this week's featured stories, we picked conditions from the pre-set list below and let the stories go from there. Who: a seemingly regular person What: is trapped When: after regular business hours Where: in an irregular part of their place of business Why: because they were investigating an irregular noise How: because the door locked behind them… HALLOWED GROUND By Laurel Haberman The coach slammed the gym door shut and headed straight for locker number five. Those damn kids. In my day, we listened to our elders. In my day, we at least tried to win. 16-24-32. He opened locker number fiv

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