Locked down no more...

Workshop Exercise: April 11, 2020

Journal Entry 43,297: Lockdown, day 907.

All of my pens have run out of ink. All my paper is now the color of ink. Half the letters have fallen off my keyboard and I have accidentally re-written all the works of Shakespeare. I fear my boredom may have folded me into a universe devoid of non-viral life, and the viruses here aren't sure I qualify as "life." What can I possibly write that does not remind me of social isolation?

Something the opposite of social isolation?

Yes. Yesss… that may be just the remedy.

20 Minutes: Write about rejoining an off-balance society.


  • The character emerges from a bunker after the food has run out. What was the cataclysm and what's left on the outside?

  • The character has woken from suspended animation/hypersleep to find their ship has crash landed. Where are they? Are there any other survivors?

  • The character wakes after a Rip Van Winkle-level hangover. They were dreaming in Rod Serling's voice and they wake to find things are… different. What happened?

  • Earthquake: it's the middle of the night and the character is woken when they're thrown from their bed. There is no power and their home might be collapsing. They run outside, just in case. What do they see?

Whether you're on the Q&P site or our Facebook page, share your vision with the rest of the Quarantine & Pint in the comments below…

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