Food fight

This week's writing prompt is inspired by group member Laura M., who suggested we try writing about food. Describing a meal can open a lot of writing ideas. Food is literally part of who we are. It's a reflection of our culture. It's a reflection of a character's situation; if they're out on the prairie with the cattle herd they've eating very differently than the top-floor revolving restaurant of the space station orbiting Nexus 12.


Choose one of the following establishments and their accompanying signature dish:

The Church's Pot-Luck Dinner

Dish: Edith's Waldorf Salad

Elegant Sam's Steak Stampede

Dish: 5 lb Porterhouse Extreme Dinner Platter with Onion Rings and Kettle Potatoes (and your picture on the wall if you finish it)

Middlefield Jr/Sr High School Cafeteria

Dish: Poncho Pizza

Otto's Haus of Hard Knocks

Dish: Knockwurst, Schnitzel, Kraut and Kugel combo plate 

King Henry's Midwinter Banquet

Dish: Roasted Swan, Creamed chestnuts, pork sausage meat pies, marzipan snow angels 

The Cosmodrome Lunch Pad DISH: Boris’s Borscht Blast Alice’s Restaurant DISH: Garbage Plate Grabowski’s House of Kielbasa DISH: Uncle Bob’s Sour Rye Potato Soup Hotel California Diner DISH: Half-Pound Feast w/fries (rings extra) Geralt’s Bar and Grill DISH: The Sandwitcher (choice of two sides)

The Totally Whack Clam Shack DISH: Deep fried oyster fingers Aunt Frannie's House DISH: Macaroni and mutton Fringlepot's Pub DISH: Magical Mystery Stew Cranston's Burger Bonanza DISH: The we-forgot-the-burger burger Castle Greyskull DISH: Falcon Fries


Now that you have your location and meal, describe it as you write to one of these scenarios:

  1. A food review for a publication

  2. This is a character's last meal before battle

  3. This food triggers a character's memory

Bon appetit!

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