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Our Reasons for Writing

On April 21 we got into one of the more in-depth discussions about writing we’ve ever had. Here’s a brief section of that conversation based on one small, tiny, easy-to-answer question:

What makes you want to write stories?

Bryan Mahoney: I like the rush of an audience and the more elusive rush of satisfaction in a job well done. Plus seeing your name in print is always fun.

Lauren Lasko: I agree - seeing your name in print is fun. I write to explore the questions that I can’t unpack immediately and more or less define my voice, how I feel about things. Also, I write just to escape.

Maureen Fonken: I never expected to be writing fiction. It’s more like I got a good idea and I’m like, “Dang. That needs to be written.” And then eventually I got another good idea and it was, “Dang. That needs to be written.”

Susan Lee: I feel like I’ve been a storyteller all my life, whether it’s been directing or writing or whatever. I feel like there are such interesting stories to be told and explored. Also I find it’s a way for me to bring to the surface things that I don’t want to look at or that I’m struggling with. Putting them on the page helps me process and also take it in different directions and see what else is there.

Erik Engman: Because I need to get the voices out of my head. … I think about writing all the time, like “Oh this would be a good story and I could craft it.” And I think my talent has something to give to that world of writing, whether it’s screenplays or whatever.

Marcy Mahoney: I started writing because I had these stories in my head that I wanted to read and I couldn’t find them anywhere. And I decided to commit them to paper because they currently don’t exist in a book format so I guess it’s my job to bring them to light. I feel like I channel story. And, I also like to see my name in print, haha.

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