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Focused on a Dream

Updated: Jan 18

What does it mean to dream?

Unconscious journeys, waking escapes or a grand vision for the future, a "dream" has a different meaning to each person. What does it mean to you?

This week, we're going to lean on one of a few possible definitions of a dream and build a scene around it:

  • [Your character] is dreaming. They realize it, they know it… but they can't wake up.

  • [Your character] is sipping a beverage, lost in thought. That one thing comes to mind, the thing that carries them away – whether they want to go or not.

  • [Your character] has never been happier. Things could not be better and we have the chance to look over their shoulder to witness what is as close to utopia as the real world allows… and slowly it collapses as we return to reality.

Your character's setting (actual):

  • 2019 Los Angeles

  • 2019 Los Angeles (Blade Runner version)

  • 1997 New York

  • 1997 New York (Escape from New York version)

Your character's setting (dream):

  • 1955 Disneyland Park

  • 1884 Paris (the Island of La Grande Jatte)

  • 2010 Tokyo, in a helicopter

  • …The "other version" of their actual setting

Take twenty-ish minutes and try to create a complete scene.

As always, the settings are jumping-off points. If inspiration carries you in a different direction, go with it. Please share your thoughts on this exercise, as well as the scene itself.

Please share your thoughts – and your story – in the comments!

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