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Featured Stories, Week of March 25, 2018: "The Gospel of Gabrielle" and "The Fires Of Passion"

Each week we feature a story written by one or two of our group members at one of our meetings. For this week's featured stories, the group rolled dice to see what they ended up with on our prompt board, which included a genre/style of writing, a subject, and something that is happening to that subject. We had 20 minutes to write.

The Gospel of Gabrielle

By Marcy Mahoney

(Prompts: Biblical Story, Warlord/Warlordess, S/He is being hunted)

A reading from the gospel according to Gabrielle, Chapter 17

And so it was that they came to the town of Amphipolas in search of shelter.

For it was here where she began life, and thus here where the stand must be made.

They went into an inn to ask of the activity in the area, but found no one willing to talk.

For stories of her actions abroad had reached their ears,

And they were sore afraid.

Then they went to the house where she had been reared, and took up residence so as to wait out the coming storm.

She lit a fire, and they listened for signs of an approach in the night,

But the house was safe and warm, and they had provisions.

At dawn they awoke to the light and a warning

The creak of leather pants alerting them to his presence

And the God Ares said “Behold, I bring you tidings of great war, that is to be brought down upon you this day, unless you repent to me and take up your sword again in my name.”

And Xena said to him "No," and he was enraged.

From the hills in the distance came a rumble, the thunder of horses

And the cries of war.

And Xena prepared to meet the hoard.

Her disciples trembled but she said to them “have no fear, for if we die today it is of our own will, defending those who can’t.”

And Joxer The Mighty said “Lo, we follow you Xena, for you are the path to redemption, and the way of light.”

And the town was defended, the people saved.

From henceforth in the land she was known as a savior instead of a sinner.

They sang of her bravery, and the inn where she was turned away now welcomed her.

This is the word of our Warrior Princess

Thanks be to Xena

The Fires of Passion

By Erik Engman

(Prompts: Romantic Comedy, Firefighter, Not Enough Air/Water to Save Everyone)

Sam burst into the law offices of Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe, knocking the door down with his axe. On any other day this would be considered wanton destruction of commercial property, or at least bad form.

But not today.

Because Sam was a firefighter.

And the whole town of Rabinsquire was on fire.

Huddled in the corner of the main office, somewhat hidden by smoke, debris and flames, was a group of scared, gutless lawyers. And he had to save them.

Even though they were lawyers.

“Get out of here!” Same ordered. “Let’s go! Come on! Come on!”

Once everyone was safely outside, Sam searched the crowd. He grabbed one of the lawyers by the shoulders; a middle aged woman dressed in a mauve pantsuit.

“Betsy! Where is Sarah?” Sam demanded. “WHERE IS SARAH?!”

Betsy, dazed and disheveled, could barely get her words out. “Sick. She called in sick.”

“Out of my way!” Sam yelled as he tossed her aside to go cry with the others, and ran as fast as he could in the direction of her apartment.

Entering Sarah’s apartment, he found the fire had not reached the upper floors yet, but they were close. Too close.

“Sarah! Sarah!” He yelled. Was she hurt, unconscious?

Then he heard crying. It was Sarah. He knew her crying. For he was a man and made her cry many times.

He found Sarah on the roof.

“Sarah! I’ve come to save you! I’m sorry. For everything.”

And then he saw in her hands a gas can and improvised explosive detonator.

“Sarah… Why…?”

Sarah dropped her equipment and ran to Sam, embracing him.

“Because, Sam, you idiot,” Sarah cried, “This was the only thing I could think of to get you to come back!”

Sam embraced her in return. There it was. The love that had been missing for so long.

“I know I should be mad,” said Sam. All of the people dead, the millions of dollars of property destruction. But all I can think of is how perfect this moment is.”

“Kiss me,” begged Sarah.

And they kissed. And kissed. And kissed. And as the flames rose up and slowly consumed both of them, all they could feel was their love.

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