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Absurdity. (Or how to infuse humor into otherwise humor-light times)

For an absurd amount of time, we left the word Absurdity up on the screen at this week's writers' group.

Perhaps we were making a recursive statement by having everyone stare at the word. Like a mental ouroborous the length of time increased the absurdity of the situation. It would be truly absurd to be expected to stare at the word for, say, an hour. More absurd to think one could do it for a day, all the while reading it aloud over and over.*

Perhaps we were attempting to osmote (the verb form of osmosis. It's totally a real thing.) the idea into everyone's brains so that when we all went to write the absurdity flowed as freely as a prune juice geyser.

Perhaps we didn't have anything else prepared.

The aim of this week's writing is to embrace the silly, the funny, the downright odd. It definitely produced some strange results.

The exercise: Pick a prompt from the list below. Then, use all the vocabulary words somewhere in the writing. Write for 21 minutes. Aaaaand ... go!

*The longest marathon reading aloud is 113 hours 15 minutes achieved by Deepak Sharma Bajagain (Nepal) at the Tudikhel Ground, Kathmandu, Nepal, from 19 to 24 September 2008. He recited 17 different books from 13 authors during his Guinness World Record attempt.

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