Our writing syllabus is packed with 100% of your bi-monthly allowance of literary nutrition. It will fortify you with new ways of thinking about writing, fill you up with creativity and send you back to your project with your thirst for wordplay quenched. The Quill & Pint workshops encourage writers of all experience levels and genres to push themselves beyond what they think they can be as creatives. We focus on writing fundamentals - we're not a critique group. You'll write a new piece live, in-person, and join the rhythm of a writing circle seething with new ideas.





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Bryan Mahoney
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Marcy Dewey Mahoney
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Erik Day
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Bryan was a columnist for the Burbank Leader and is the former editor of the Lexington Minuteman in Lexington, MA. He is now focusing on short and long fiction, including a mystery series and an Irish novel, and his story Buyer's Remorse was published in the 2016 NaNo Los Angeles Anthology 'Meet The Systems.' When he's not writing stories for strangers on his 1941 Royal Companion typewriter, Bryan is creating pen-and-ink art. You can see some of Bryan's art on his website, thetypinpint.com. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife/best nerd, Marcy, and their two cats, Fergus Hammertime and Fiona Shazam. 

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Marcy writes the fantastical and the spooky with a hint of the funny. Her debut fantasy novel, 

Achwilde, was published in May of 2022. Marcy has short stories published in four NaNo Los Angeles Anthologies (4th, 5th, 7th & 8th Editions) and served as an associate editor on the eighth edition. She also penned a series of writing prompt journals designed to help break you out of a writing rut. When she's not wordsmithing, Marcy can be found painting, costuming, or playing tabletop RPGs with a merry band of the Best Worst Heroes.  An Ithaca College and animation industry alum, she lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband/best nerd, Bryan, and their two cats, Fergus Hammertime and Fiona Shazam. 

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Erik's writing explores the impact of the extraordinary on the human experience, whether it's the magical realism of Conjure Seven, or the speculative themes of first contact on the modern world. His short story Light of the Moon was published in the 2019 NaNo Los Angeles Anthology 'Journeys to Uncharted Lands.'  When he's not writing, he follows the work to whatever is interesting in television production or

Emergency Management. In the EM world, he's worked for the likes of the Red Cross and LA Metro. In the production world, he ran the Bohemia Originals Writer's Group and spent the pandemic as a Health & Safety Manager (CCO) for Disney General Entertainment.


Our writing workshops emerged from a small writers' group, The Society of the Inkwell, founded in 2013. The Society focused on feedback and take-home prompts, and it was a fun and useful way to expand our writing. After a year of monthly meetings, we decided to meet more frequently and focus on prompts and in-class writing instead of feedback. A separate weekly group, the Geeky Teas Saturday Writing Workshop,  was formed in 2014 for that purpose. In 2018, that group was dissolved, and The Quill and Pint was born, with a mission to dive deeper into the mechanics of writing, and study all of the elements that make a story great. 2019 brought a partnership with the Burbank Public Library, expanding our workshops and community outreach, which we have maintained throughout the pandemic by holding twice-monthly workshops over Zoom.


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